Missionary Man

when I went down
Ben Jehuda to King Georg
I saw the disciples of Rav Zalman

they danced around
holding hands
praised the lord

besides stands a man
asked me
what I think ’bout them

«are you jewish¿»
«do you believe in god¿»
«do you read the bible¿»

he told me
to check up my heart
to read the wisdom of god

inside one book
old like OLD
but not older than mine

newer than that
but not even better
I thought listened to him

listened to his
missionary words
believing in my own

he tried to become me a sheep
to show me what’s right
what’s wrong

+ evil
in every sense

in this holy city
you can get everyTHING
you want

it’s like a religious supermarket
christian church multiplied by x
different jewish directions
muslim ways of life
+ do not forget the bahai

that was I’m thinking
when the missionary
told me my sins in my past

+ how I’ll be a
real believer
to the new covenant

I was not surprised
about his gift:
the new testament

+ his wish
to read that little book
letter by letter

vers by vers
it’s gonna be my redemption
and will show me the way to god
he told me

small solutions for a big planet
where do you wanna go today
don’t change a running system

sounds like a big sellout
gimme your old
I’ll give you a new one

missionary man
on the hunt
onto poor souls

give them hope
give them god
give them redemption
+ take their independence

missionary man
stationed @ the holy city
big business in gods name

taking souls
taking lifes
taking gods children

damn evil
select old stones
to throw opened windows

mouthful wisdom
to speak ’bout
the oldest question

who we are
what we are
where we are

+ if you don’t believe
in my god
you ain’t gotta run
’cause I’ll get you for my church

+ if you are not a willing victim
I’ll make you one
’cause I’m a
missionary man
a hunter like