The Moon and The Sun

look @ the moon
watch the dawn stars
wait for the raising sun

oldest fight
day by day
night by night

catching light
falling night
rising dark

neither light
nor darkness
would win this game

moon won’t catch sun
or vise versa
it ain’t not depends where you when

just 2
not one
not three

made up by 1
not two
not three

+ I’m not playing
by numbers
I won’t do that

the moon
the sun

the lord
our god

created light
created darkness
to seperate night and day

the almighty
our god

moon versus sun
without nonsense
just to be a difference

hear the stars
+ to hear the sky
upon earth
is not impossible
just close your eyes

a prayer to him
who made this possible
the leader of our ways
the king of kings
the almighty
the lord
our god
who created
the sun
the moon