A Dream In The Holy City

(between dusk and dawn)

first things I saw
abanded buildings
old + not new

an old cinema
we walked in
some people I can’t remember + me

chasing creatures
they looked like humans
but they were living deads

it was a big hunt
thru buildings
were no one lives

the light was kind of green
+ red
like in a jungle

the men with me
they were men
the hunted were women

it made no sense
men hunting women
women on the run

but one women was different
I’d like to save her
can’t remember her face

and everywhere
this green junglekind light
it was amazing

running up
and down stairs
over roofs

it was a wild hunt
tracing these females
catching + killing

<and now
I gonna remember
where it happened: The Holy City>

but I still don’t know when
past or future
no specific TIME – but not TODAY

I think I could save her
I know I was hidding her