Black Child

under your soft white skin
a painfully beating heart

veins with sweet blood
making a harmonic sound

flamming scares deep inside you
where nobody could see your pain

you’re adopted from the darkside
inside out

black child

you need pain
you need blood
to survive

you told me
you couldn’t go back

you’re starting again and again
your so called life
with pain

you need pain
to forget the pain

you need to give pain
to forget you received pain

I can’t call it
sexual obsession

I just call it

black child

filled up
with pain

you’re surrounded
by darkness

black in black
no hope

you never learned
to believe in yourself

you got strength
you got power
you got love
use it

black child

light the candle
fight the darkness into hope
but don’t burn yourself


sharp the edge
sclice the darkness into pieces
but don’t cut yourself

be a rose with thorns

thorns against the killing night
no pain anymore

nothing to loose
just your painfully past
but to win is to become all

black child