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first day

may I ask you what day it is? which one? this day. today. I need to know. I have to be here on the first day. on the first of the last …

Good N8

What the fuck I write about? Wuwei, mymy, deadhead late at night earlybird makes my day. Good n8.

Goin’ Insane

goin insane. just for testing purpose. they milk my day. gpg and now the big dam g. write up write down write off. here we go again. nails in my coffin. end of tomorrow.

Act of Writing

what is this all about?
writing green on screen
waiting for tomorrow ends …

yesterday will come
today is gone
bytes flushing by

into neverneverland
my head will spin away
while my fingers dipping keys

who will rule my world?
head or heart?
soul or mind?

ink on glass – go away
fluid paper – leave my dreams
moving words – off off you go

welcome back : act of writing

Maximal 89 Characters

watched the sunset
while listen to indian music
backed by the sound of the sea

beauty and grief
big and small