Time of Life and Fun

When I go in a park in spring I see and hear the birds squeaking in the trees. I also see the sun in the blue sky. All creatures are happy and alive, everybody smiles. I see a cat family sitting and playing in the sun. They are a happy family. When I go down the street on a spring evening I cannot say that I am sad. I see couples sitting on the benches in a park. The weather is warm and sunny, because it is springtime. Some kids are making a party on the street. Boys and girls going home two by two. Maybe they make love, I do not know it, but I know it is spring. Animals are copulating and the flowers are blooming. Every year after spring I remember the beautiful springtime. Spring is a very interesting and lovely time every year again. The creatures all over the world love spring. Spring is the time of life and fun.
The time of life and fun.