know you now a unspecified time
have you seen first @ the café
— «wow» – your eyes in my mind

crushed @ you
maybe more …
i don’t know

if you’re looking tired
just the same
banned thru your presence

here today
gone tomorrow
irreversible heartache

it comes 2 me
like a flash
day before yesterday

picked a card
not gambling
just 2 see what happens

just 2 moves
queen beats king

princess plugged off the power
lines down
no dial-tone

called myself gone
2 lonely ways
dusty route

thirsty for love
drinking wine instead of water
waitin’ for your lips + get drunken by your voice

impressed by your will
2 make your way
close 2 the edge

«… the fallen will rise one day …»
this time will come
me happy again forever

layin’ next 2 you on da bed
so close so far
sleepin’ dreamin’ of you

woke up next 2 you
you’ve slept like a little child
harmony + silence in your closed eyes

soft touch by chance
can’t get enough – never
waitin’ 4 your words

backwards wouldn’t be more hard
can’t see sense in your behavior
blinded by iReality