100 percent (Dream vs. Reality)

walkin’ XXL [1]
thru the valley of darkness

happy minded
and filled with endorphines

gonna meet my 100% girl
do I?

saw you before I met you
just in my mind – and didn’t knew it

what’s your wish?
won’t you tell it my ears?

speak the spoke
to make me yours

just as it
like you dream

if I’m not your 100%
let me go

sorry for that trouble
and thanx for that fish/wish

spellin’ love differently
doesn’t makes it true

bigger dreams
higher flies the bee

who’s tellin’ you that?
and who’s who?

who’re you?
and when was the flash?

electricity for different people
makes them feelin’ XXS [2]

nuts, my brain is breakin’
walnutshells my ship is sinkin’

storm by storm
here goes the rain

follow the line
welcome to the wall

breakin’ in
feelin’ free to paint my life

choose the way
to next days luck

rest a while on my side
stay until the sun rise

make the moon smilin’
and the stars shakin’

b-sides for flip-sides
track the track

route to your personal
wished well luck?

flashbacks flushing back to past
smellin’ better times

and the best before the end:
you don’t have to taste it

just take it
or it’s gone

nihon [3] sendin’ the sun
while your awaking on my side

did you sleept well, love?

                                                                                [1] XXL = very BIG!! or HUGE!!
                                                                                [2] XXS = very small
                                                                                [3] Nihon = original native name for Japan