What’s behind the forehead¿

What’s behind the forehead¿ in front of the mind
you’ll see IF you look into the eyes …nada…

what’s behind the forehead¿
sex • violance • power • happiness • an empty trash • & a mad mind

what’s behind the forehead¿
dreams conclude • illusions collapse

see just eyes with your eyes
don’t use them • their telling you lies

what’s behind the forehead¿
don’t make your head smoke
just a riddle • you never fit

it’s a present • by the creator himself • to you + me
everybodies forehead a wall
saves the mad • not going madder than a psycho

what’s behind the forehead¿
leaving your secret lands • never discover a new

what’s behind the foreheads you daily met¿
you’ll never know…
riddle without sense • puzzle with missing pieces

switch on the natural radio…