Under The Eyes Of God

falling into sleep

busted thru the door
of perception

walking down
the hard way

negative settings
in your mind

follow me
into your nightmare

heads without bodys
eyes without heads

under the eyes of god

leck of knowledge
brings you
to the border

no return
given eternity
enter the seperation

isolation follows

bad vibes
slamming you to ground

artificial life insurance

what you feel
can’t compared
with past emotions

hidden secrets
leading you
to dead places

alone inside yourself
not longer a possibility

under the eyes of god

share your brain
with extractions
of your lived life

do not hold
your psycho side

let it run

no limits
under the Eyes of god

me means us in singularity

i describes us in plurality

no minority inside
the shell of your head

come out
into the inside

Independent rules

your way of thinking
is not localized
in dimensional beeing

encounter of zero
impact one

research of fire
limited to water

under the eyes of god

go equal stop

backward is
less than future

childhood brings
the death

if tomorrow
means somewhere

nowhere is
word enough

got a gun
beat your neighbour

killing twins
i and i

under the eyes of god

2 and 3 equal 9

mathematics reaches

dream by dream
hate and love as unity

conquer the universe
of peace
to explore war

confidental messages
are public

no enemies
to fight with

just friends to kill
under the eyes of god