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El Marriachi

he came to town
not a a long time ago

just carrying a small case
inside something we don’t know

he was coming back
to pay the bill

years ago
he left the city

no one of his family
survived the massacre

they killed them
just to put an exemple

he wasn’t killed
left @ the right time

now he’s back
to pay it back ten times

he’s gonna kill
silencer he just put on

walking thru the inner city
he left a bloody line

Last Train To Tel Aviv

waitin’ for the signal
waitin’ for the train to start
waitin’ for the countryside

across the holy land
I’d like to go by train
unusual ways to go

catched a look under a skirt
so still beautiful women
around my ways

now we’re leaving Yerushalajim
+ there is the specific sound:
ktik – ktik – ktik … tooot

first we ride thru the city
than … I don’t know
heard something ’bout up+down

less speed than by bus
but much more classic style
like in old black and white movies

+ don’t forget:
luxury at its best
and much more to see

I’m sitting backwards
now on the right: green tale
+ on the left: a little hill

stopover in the middle of nowhere
not really
but for me

on the top
of a hill
buildings like an old castle

we speed up
just a little
thru the holy land

less passengers
than by bus
but more americanos

thought we’ll just
gonna cross desert land
but we ride thru forrest

every piece of the holy land
I’m not knowing
is surprising new

first station after Yerushalajim
not knowing the name
man asked me to light his cigarette

I was wrong: not only americanos
they didn’t sound like ’em
brits … I think

I smell good cooked food
in the middle of nowhere

breakline : 15:58

the girl I catched a look under her skirt
felt asleep 30 minutes ago
the sun spoted light on her face

sleeping beauty
dark hair
what she’s dreamingt¿

NOW she’s awake
and smiling outside
standing up and left her seat

and the train keeps goin’
make this music
ktak – ktak – ktak – ktak

freejazz by a machine
and the sun makes a lightshow
of its own

ridin’ thru woods
ridin’ thru hills
ridin’ thru tales

+ don’t forget the fields
dry + green

land of god
beautiful like the girls
they’re living her

little houses
trees + bushes

and no tape at all
means no curses
of the strange

+ when I look @ her
she looks back to me
what should I do¿

ignore her
is maybe better
to get no kick

NOW we’re 90 minutes
on the last train to Tel Aviv
time @ this moment: 16:15:26

besides that
there is just one train a day
to Tel Aviv

+ we stopped
@ another station

after a minute:
the beautiful girls
starts running + jumped off

the secutity men
is yelling something in ivrit
now she’s gone

The Moon and The Sun

look @ the moon
watch the dawn stars
wait for the raising sun

oldest fight
day by day
night by night

catching light
falling night
rising dark

neither light
nor darkness
would win this game

moon won’t catch sun
or vise versa
it ain’t not depends where you when

just 2
not one
not three

made up by 1
not two
not three

+ I’m not playing
by numbers
I won’t do that

the moon
the sun

the lord
our god

created light
created darkness
to seperate night and day

the almighty
our god

moon versus sun
without nonsense
just to be a difference

hear the stars
+ to hear the sky
upon earth
is not impossible
just close your eyes

a prayer to him
who made this possible
the leader of our ways
the king of kings
the almighty
the lord
our god
who created
the sun
the moon

A Dream In The Holy City

(between dusk and dawn)

first things I saw
abanded buildings
old + not new

an old cinema
we walked in
some people I can’t remember + me

chasing creatures
they looked like humans
but they were living deads

it was a big hunt
thru buildings
were no one lives

the light was kind of green
+ red
like in a jungle

the men with me
they were men
the hunted were women

it made no sense
men hunting women
women on the run

but one women was different
I’d like to save her
can’t remember her face

and everywhere
this green junglekind light
it was amazing

running up
and down stairs
over roofs

it was a wild hunt
tracing these females
catching + killing

<and now
I gonna remember
where it happened: The Holy City>

but I still don’t know when
past or future
no specific TIME – but not TODAY

I think I could save her
I know I was hidding her


the uprising night
promising the new day

sky turns into
a different color

clouds getting darker
air becomes fresher

people walking
their homeward bound

the light becomes a smell
with a yasmin touch

light on the horizon
a single flash followed by a thunder

big wet raindrops
catching my head

I never thought
of rain in Yerushalajim

+ the people ain’t not
stop walking the streets

loud as hell a thunder
flash by flash

rain falls
out of sky

god must be in an angry mood
lots of tears and screams

the holy city is getting wet
but next hot day will come