Reality Kills

What’s love
in my beating heart?

What I need
is not related
to the love
a woman could give!?

Look into my eyes
full of tears
and don’t say
I didn’t warn you!

Look into my heart
and listen to the sound
my soul reflects
my feelings

You realize my gestures
getting mad
talking to me:
nothing is real
everything’s a dream
How funny it is!
Shoot you down …
three times
Again and again and again!
Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sorry, wait, the phone is ringing …

… Now I’m back
and keep going on
telling you my soul shit

Tricks and trick by trick
pull the trigger

waiting for the sun
that’ll never rise

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Makes the gun
in my hand
Spitting out the bullets

Blood by blood
said the soul
soul by soul
heart by heart

Counting up to ten
putting out the gun
into my hand
loose the trigger
telling my soul
not to cry

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shades of my nightly dream

night by night
never the same
always the thing
that never stops

… ending with a bloodbath …

… but the victim is not me

Know nothing more than
my head getting a timebomb like
Tick! Tick! Tick!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Stepping out and in my life
looking down my body
ten feet high

see me have some smalltalk
with Death himself

Singing melodies
my soul would burn
my heart would cry

Record the tricks
somebody plays on me
Trick by trick
and pull the trigger

gun on my head
Bullet in the head
my brain is past
just a painting on the wall
call it life performance
Blood is rising
like a red rain
back into the clouds of nowhere

I’m falling down, down, down
smashing my body to the stones
sounds like in a B-Movie

You got the ticket
You paid for it
Now see the movie
of my momentary life …

You and me again
like Romeo and Juliet
dying for each other
dying for the love principle

Getting shot
by the own hand
It’s nasty or what?!
Nope for nothing
real or fantastique

Dreaming about another chance
you never had
like counting money
you never get

What we got is:
Two people
in more than
four different worlds

Prepare the bill
you never pay
pray for heaven
or hell

Now I’ll take out the gun
count up to three
pull the trigger
three times:
Bang! Bang! Bang!

It’s over now!
You’re past
taken out the life
No rules …
… Game over …