No Justice – No Peace

Once upon a time …
Once upon a time you gave me a ticket to hell.

You gave me a piece of paper …

«You have the choice.
You have the choice between
a good friend or
a beautiful girl.»

I’ve made a mistake after a long night with me, my thoughts, my soul and a
glass full of Martini.
– My decision was the beautiful girl.

It was right – I thought so but …
… shit happens, it was a fault – I know it now
… and the time goes by and I lost a good friend through my fucking
And I discover it … not.

I repent.
I repent.

Mercy me.
Mercy me … and not a «Not!».

No justice.
No peace.

No justice?
No peace?

I want peace – And I wanna take all what you wanna give me

Think about it …

I miss you – good friend of mine …?

I miss you.