No Go Area

Did you slept well…?
No? Nightmares conquered your sweet dreams ?
So listen now to my bitter lips.

Come into the room
— my room, and wait …
… wait until the sun dawn
… wait until the moon rise
… wait until my body speaks

concentrate your liquid mind
I’ll ask you — no fear?
I’ll ask you — no hate?
An attack without warning …

Screaming you to ground!
The hell you’re no angel
but you ain’t no devil
just a little bitch — breaking other hearts like peanuts…

… I’ll be your doom
… I’ll be your hell
… I’ll be your end

I’ll ask you again:
— No fear?
— No hate?

A «No …!» isn’t a good answer
Don’t you lie?
… don’t lie!

Relax — just relax, keep cool …

I’ll won’t do you any harm
I love you — Don’t you know?

How could it come so dark…

Put on the the light
— the sun is past …!

It makes me feel like apocalypse

It’s a joke — the best I ever heard … ha ha ha …
It makes me mad — No psycho could madder be — this leck of love

What’s this?
— I hear some strange voices

My mind is getting out of control…

Flee — you won’t die!
Flee — you won’t see your head
passing by your rest

No corpse will be left!

No! Not this way…
Welcome to the end…
Step into the arena…

Step inside the no-go-area…

Better pray for help
— you’ll never get

Attacks with no warning
Death guaranted

And you’ll say:
—No fear?
—No hate?

I’m your irregular nightmare …
…resistance impossible …
You better believe
— my psycho words …

Paranoia — there you are!

You better feel fear …
You better feel hate …

You loose your power

There is no love between us anymore!

You better see me dead
You better get rid off me … bitch!