Night In Netanya

0:38 am
café kapulsky

2 policemen hunting
someone by feet

the waiter says
they closing at 2 o’clock

across the street
people laughing

I’m having
a cafe au lait [large]

it could be everywhere
but when you see the women
you know it’s israel

the sound of cheap music
mixed with the electric sound
of a slot machine
fills the night
with strange noize

the third day is gone
+ the fourth coming up

a warm wind from the south
declares another hot day

two girls walking
direction promenade
they’re giggeling

everywhere israel flags
yom hazmaut two dayz ago

every five minutes
a car sirene
– cheap surveilence ¿

the last day – yesterday ¿
I remind:
everyone got a cell–phone
5 years ago:
the all got guns

I ain’t knowing no one
but I ain’t feeling lost

maybe a little bit
but it’s the late hour

I can’t sleep
I ain’t not tired

when I think back to yom hazmaut
the city is empty now

breakline 0:57 am

2 undercovercops
jumped out a car
running direction
central bus station

the warm wind has stopped
still cheap music
a cell phone rings

the table getting wet
90 percent airwetness

this little country
just 49 years old
+ 2 dayz

you have here
a kosher McDonalds
little cheap ImEx shops
selling trashlike stuff
and a sad George Michael
singing out a black box
+ don’t forget the Internet Café

a mixture of little america
and moscow vodka
east meets west
and real angels
queenmothers of tomorrow

I look up
the waiter says something
I understand: we’re closing now
but he asked for another order

three girls crossing my eyes
like straight outta paradise

let me think ’bout
staying here isn’t a crime

maybe I’ll doit
like the 2 americanos from california

some months a year
in the holy land
until you’ll be catched
+ got no other choice
than to stay forever

+ again:
a cell phone rings

that’s kapulsky’s @ 1:19 am
and the night is still young