The Loving Psycho

«We’re all die!» – he said
my friend – the loving psycho

He loves a beautiful woman – in his eyes
He’ll going mad because of her – in my eyes

Well, this was days ago …

The girl had left him
broke his heart
pain was rising
against his soul

He’s mad about her
don’t understand
the «quit!» of her
against his love

He’s sitting there
sad, hurt and empty
like a mangled lemon
against his will

He’s thinking about
a better tomorrow
and prepares the gun
against his logic

It’s just a dream …
… Sure!

It’s him – my loving psycho

Waiting for her
at her home

Waiting for her
unexpected end

In rage he’ll gonna kill

In no ordinary way
but simple as simple means

Raises the hand
target fixed
gun points on her head

One shot and a second
her blood plays singing in the rain
and the ground is painted red

And she realizes what happens …
…too late

It was just my loving psycho
doing what he must
killing that love
against his will

And this was how
that drama ends …

My friend the loving psycho
…better known as my negative