Imaginary Situations

pale moon in a winter night
shattered sky
+ your letter in my hand

I won’t ask you
what you think
or what you want

it just becomes one of these
imaginary situations

I won’t make a decision
but I have to

there’s no future
where no reality is

I don’t wanna fuck with you
+ if you don’t get this
keep this in your mind:

I don’t wanna get into
imaginary situations

there will be
no equal frequency
no harmony
no serious knowledge
of each other

+ I don’t wanna fuck with you

no love besides
imaginary situations

+ if you’ll say
I lied to you
you can’t expect a NO
because I said not THE truth

I don’t know why
what for
you don’t know even

besides these
imaginary situations
EXISTS a reality

+ there is no „US”
just a „YOU” and just a„ME”

myself is tired
of beeing supressed
by my shiny shiny
NICE-GUY attitude

just for a moment of some dayz
your letter stopped me leaving you

these imaginary situations
gonna END now @ [at] 23:56 cet

did you got this¿!