Demonz of Reality

(passed thru light into darkness …)

drop this feeling
stop this feeling

can’t go forward
can’t go back

face reality
look into darkness

shadows of you

can’t close my eyes

time to be strong
time to be brave

but my shell is broken
but my heart is gone into an implosion

just a hole in my chest
got a brand new abortion

cold as ice
the demonz of reality

thru light I passed
straight into darkness

home of my new life
shared with the demonz of reality

I still writing …
you can’t get my words

I feel like
lost in space

and nobody is there
and nobody can help

insecurity every step
I cry every second
silent like a thunder

it’s like a drug
flashbacks come and go

see your smile
behind my forehead

smell your scent
inside my mind

taste your sweet lips
inside my memories

feel your warm body
under my skin

demonz of reality
can’t flee

wanna fall into sleep

but my eyes are still open
and the phone is next to me

just waiting for a call
that never comes

turn back time
is not an answer
just a wish

no one
can make my tears go away
just you

but you are gone

your decision
was right
but I can’t get it
the demonz of reality
they have to teach me

I know I’m mortal
the demonz of reality
they have to fight
my suicidal tendencies

nothing will be changed
if I’ll be dead

the demonz of reality
have to take my hand
to reach new land

I’m just sick
beeing depressed

nothing to do
inside this big nothing

just to wait for a sign
of you
while I’m cryin’ under the eyes
of the demonz of reality