Jojou Typewriter

This site is the digital successor of the self printed version «Labyrinth» from the 90ies. It’s not to be meant to be static – it’s a dynamic, irregular and inconstantly filled vessel for the authors need. 叙情 【jojou】is japanese for «lyricism» → an artist’s expression of emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way []

About the Author

Yoram Blumenberg, art director/graphic designer and ui/ux professional living in Berlin specialized in print and web design, writing lyric and taking photos – and with a passion for music, movies and monsters.

The Process

This site was a planned project for over 15 years and was finally realized in early 2016 – under the influence of the incredibly soundscapes of Spectre aka @SkizFernando and with the help/framework of the parent WordPress theme Edda by Mel Choyce.

The typeface wasn’t chosen lightly; after testing various typefaces – Roboto Mono, Realtime Rounded, Cutive Mono, Intellecta Typewriter and Underwood Champion – with a selected group of readers, the majority voted for Underwood Champion. Which was by the way the closest typeface to the first written pieces of the author with the typewriter Adler Junior in 1987.


I’d like to thank the typeface testers: Tania, N., Rainer, Lil, Nicole, Andreas, Michi, Diana, Dominik, Kata and Flo.

A great thank you goes to Ari Kloke for her feedback and correcting some of the english poems in the early stage and Babette Werth for unstoppable pushing me to start this project.

My very special thanks goes to Tania for her patience, feedback, and wisdom in the process of developing this project.



A colophon (|ˈkäləfən; -ˌfän| from the Greek Κολοφών: summit, tip), n., is usually located at the end of a book and describes its production details, i.e. paper, binding, and typography. In the Middles Ages and Antiquity, colophons appeared in writings, providing information about authors and clients.