Opening scene
not Verona but a city
between invisible tears
and discounted books

My heart set on fire
by your instant joy
about printed letters
and amazing words

Between yiddish writers
and russian poets
a little red book
by an english man

Let’s hope their story
isn’t ours, not a drop
but their hearts
are welcome, please

… and again
your joy
a delight
and a fiery heart

Ragged Girl

7:53 AM
on the way
to work

A Girl
from outta time
covered in a blanket

Just a cheap
just a dirty

Wearing it
like a shell
for protection

Wild hair
dirty face
dirty bare feet

Eyes down
frightened look
searching for cover

Image of her
in my mind


What happened?

first day

may I ask you what day it is? which one? this day. today. I need to know. I have to be here on the first day. on the first of the last …

Good N8

What the fuck I write about? Wuwei, mymy, deadhead late at night earlybird makes my day. Good n8.

Goin’ Insane

goin insane. just for testing purpose. they milk my day. gpg and now the big dam g. write up write down write off. here we go again. nails in my coffin. end of tomorrow.