Who Cares

Who I am – I asked myself, my selfish thinking ego.
What am I – I asked myself – And I can’t find a good tasting, good looking and
just a good answer.

It’s too difficult.
It’s too private, too privat for myself.

Mmmhh … I’m a little bit proud of my selfishness.

But if I telling me the question “What the people said” it could only be
worse …

«The boy with more than one girl inside his heart» …
«The boy with more than one girl inside his mind» …
«The boy who had no brain but a dick» …
«The boy who is called «male bitch» and more» …
«The boy who want to loves up everybody» …

Ain’t got no good name – But what can I buy with only a good name.
But maybe I know me better than the people know me.
But …

… Who cares.

The only truth is – I care …

And the life goes on and on.

People are still talking
People are still quiet
People are still living
People are still dying

Nobody needs a good name.

If you get one – be proud of it.
If you get none – be proud of it too.

Who I am – I still can’t find a answer – And it’s O.K..
Where I am – I’m on earth and that’s important.

And that’s the complete truth …