Return to Here

called it my country
in a letter of love
: years ago

return for grief
ain’t my land anymore
magic is gone

land of my father
land of my fathers father

birthland of one
new home for one other
after years of displacement

peace for both

completeing the wheel of life
baby – child – man – old man

and babychild : after loosing the past : again
w/ no past

fathers father wife : the perfect mate :
wife, friend, partner

until the end : strong and lovely helping hand
+more : the mind, the eyes, the ears, the mouth

and it’s summer in winter
24°C in the shade : warm wind and nite’s mild

when i walked through the city
heard the babylonic voices
saw the nations and nations
religious and atheists
smelled the scent of million kitchens
different : differences

but : magic : gone
away w/ the wind : poof!
flight back home to come