Stormy Sunday

wings of the tsunami
flying thru a sandy night

raining thoughts
walking thru a burning sea

islands sinking
man are dying

bullets made of stone
shootin’ down the houses

no day longer waits
the floating hell

remember known tales
last days startin’

eyes of god
closed for lunch

re-opening will happen someday
place known – date not

but it’s still this day
stormy sunday

exit in few days
next year knockin’ on the door
… 1999

Living in Danger

long road to nowhere
splitting + splicing
known societies

welcome to the last days
leaving this place …
forwards never
backwards ever¿

let me explain the rules:
no rules at all

checking the strength
of each other
puttin’ some words
on other people heads

smashing paperball
to dissin’ my friends

oohps! sorry! was my fault
took the grenade
thinking was a paperball

if you think you’re strong
check me out
I’m stronger and badder than
everyone else

hit you with a baseball bat
cut you with a knife
+ shoot you with a gun

livin’ in danger
to be cutted with a single word

dissin’ & pissin’
xtreme word contests
champions made out of what?

gonna get you soon
I will put my hands into your throat
and pull out your heart

eye for an eye
tooth for a tooth

being mute
can’t save lives
especially not your own

living-room war
and your power comes
and goes

just the best hit kills your friend
or is it your enemy now¿

living in danger
be prepared
and better buy a gun …

Far Away

walkin’ a walk
on the sea
fog is comin’ up

close to nowhere
tears runnin’ down
salty like the …

radio station SAD FM
playin’ songs
depressive memory are passin’ by

so close like yesterday
and I’m sendin’ a S.O.S.
you’re far away today

my mind is in trouble
for gods sake
you’re far away

heavinly voices
singin’ songs
straight outta hell

something you told me
don’t give a fuck
some days ago

upside down
I can’t imagin’
thought it was gone

I need a huge
don’t turn your back to me
you’re far away

tears enough to missin’ air
to breath
to live

gimme some sign
gimme some strenght
I can’t reach any straw

next to me
you’re standin’
still far away

sad like me
just the stones
in the deepest sea

what you want¿
today I’m the one
who needs a friend

I thought
I could count on you
but you’re far away

I don’t know where you’re
I can’t look
my eyes are blinded by my tears

my legs are tired
of walkin’
my head hurts by bad memories

keep goin’ on
make my day
far away you’re

between the sea
and the sky
I’m lonely like a single bird

meltin’ sand
burnin’ down the ground
distance grows

loosin’ my religion
can’t believe
you’re far away

Fishing For A Heart

Fishing in dark waters
searching for a heart
hope it’s yours
trusting mine
when you appeared

Saw a different world
around me
after you’ve called

I don’t know why
I just know it’s like …
catched something
I’ve lost
or just missed

Happy sad to know
I’m in love again

Think again and again
of you and your voice
pretty nice and mysterious

It’s cold outside
hope to be warmed
by you someday

Think again and again
of you and your heart
maybe loving someone else
and hope it’s not a fact
just a small flame and tomorrow a cold fire

Maybe you’ll be
fearing to love

If time comes
it will be a lucky day
getting a heart
that loves you like nothing else
to good to be true

But …
Like: «Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear»
maybe that day is tomorrow
right there – not in the far future

Tomorrow … ?!

The Beginning¿

when sympathy turns into love
when light turns into fire
fear starts looking onto your shadow
with eyes dark as the night

the past hides memories inside your head
secrets waiting to explode into your face
you never believed they exist
but they lived along your side by years

and the love is gonna burn down your heart
you cannot hide
nowhere never
force you down to ground

imploding nightmares
thru open eyes
cutting edges
into your chest

neverending pain
straight into your heart
not with a BANG!
slow and with no noize

but : this is just the beginning¿