The Blue Turtle

The Blue Turtle was flying in the highest sky. She fell in love with another Turtle, a white one. The White Turtle was younger than the Blue Turtle. This was not important for the Blue Turtle, she was dancing in the sky.

The Holiday Girl

A Holiday Girl walked down the beach of Miami. She was only sixteen and a long way from home. She was sad. A bad boy had left her because of another girl. This girl lives in the boy’s hometown. The Holiday Girl lost her virginity by the boy. The Holiday Girl went down the way of truth and cried the whole night long. The way of truth ends painfully and the Holiday Girl was killed by a paranoid killer.

The Punk

The Punk smashes a stone in a window of this state. He is wanted by all cops. The policeman flings a grenade into a group of young people. He is crazy and paranoid, but the punk wants to protest. He, the Punk, believes in the freedom of all people on this planet. He is a symbol of protest, and he has a lot of trouble with other groups of people. The Punk says: «Fight for your right. Destroy all class systems and fight for the marvelous anarchy.»