know you now a unspecified time
have you seen first @ the café
— «wow» – your eyes in my mind

crushed @ you
maybe more …
i don’t know

if you’re looking tired
just the same
banned thru your presence

here today
gone tomorrow
irreversible heartache

it comes 2 me
like a flash
day before yesterday

picked a card
not gambling
just 2 see what happens

just 2 moves
queen beats king

princess plugged off the power
lines down
no dial-tone

called myself gone
2 lonely ways
dusty route

thirsty for love
drinking wine instead of water
waitin’ for your lips + get drunken by your voice

impressed by your will
2 make your way
close 2 the edge

«… the fallen will rise one day …»
this time will come
me happy again forever

layin’ next 2 you on da bed
so close so far
sleepin’ dreamin’ of you

woke up next 2 you
you’ve slept like a little child
harmony + silence in your closed eyes

soft touch by chance
can’t get enough – never
waitin’ 4 your words

backwards wouldn’t be more hard
can’t see sense in your behavior
blinded by iReality

100 percent (Dream vs. Reality)

walkin’ XXL [1]
thru the valley of darkness

happy minded
and filled with endorphines

gonna meet my 100% girl
do I?

saw you before I met you
just in my mind – and didn’t knew it

what’s your wish?
won’t you tell it my ears?

speak the spoke
to make me yours

just as it
like you dream

if I’m not your 100%
let me go

sorry for that trouble
and thanx for that fish/wish

spellin’ love differently
doesn’t makes it true

bigger dreams
higher flies the bee

who’s tellin’ you that?
and who’s who?

who’re you?
and when was the flash?

electricity for different people
makes them feelin’ XXS [2]

nuts, my brain is breakin’
walnutshells my ship is sinkin’

storm by storm
here goes the rain

follow the line
welcome to the wall

breakin’ in
feelin’ free to paint my life

choose the way
to next days luck

rest a while on my side
stay until the sun rise

make the moon smilin’
and the stars shakin’

b-sides for flip-sides
track the track

route to your personal
wished well luck?

flashbacks flushing back to past
smellin’ better times

and the best before the end:
you don’t have to taste it

just take it
or it’s gone

nihon [3] sendin’ the sun
while your awaking on my side

did you sleept well, love?

                                                                                [1] XXL = very BIG!! or HUGE!!
                                                                                [2] XXS = very small
                                                                                [3] Nihon = original native name for Japan


deep in the night
one lonely place
some men …

sittin’ ’round waitin’ for go
some mushrooms @ the table
air filled with mellow music

countin’ backwards minutes
thirty to zero
… and the show begins

ridin’ dry waves of liquid flavours
make my day turns to :
make my time

experience the challenge
of the movin’ DNA
emotional perception overload

movin’ shadows
livin’ ones
once and twice

shapeshiftin’ dead things
stick to snake
stone to stainless steel

doors openin’ to empty spaces
water floating to burnin’ seas
wind browses to screamin’ places

soft voices speakin’ poems
to closed eyes
like angelwings

touchin’ hands
on sleepin’ hands
someone dreamin’

out in the dunes
changin’ beeings
metamorphosis on the run

yelling sea
stormy wind
smiling eyes

two men on the hunt
for extraordinaire perception
rapid shadows makes their night

wandering between the realities
changing minds in different places
here today and gone tomorrow

mushrooms growing seeds
heads like holes
slow motion thru their veins

thousands levels are one click
windows for fallin’ people
hurt the pain

eatin’ chilli means:
close to heaven
far from hell

movin’ bodys
coma time
music is loud like a dead

sirens from nowhere
singin’ songs from nothing
slappin’ hands like thunder

milk the night
express yourself
with liquid words

smellin’ vibes
ratio turned off
phantastic voyage thru eons

wakin’ up with different eyes
one is lookin’ thru mirrors
another viewin’ the shift
and the third is smilin’

theory of trippin’ states:
time IS temporary
light IS color

sun is goin’ up
no one stands the scene
over and out

Stormy Sunday

wings of the tsunami
flying thru a sandy night

raining thoughts
walking thru a burning sea

islands sinking
man are dying

bullets made of stone
shootin’ down the houses

no day longer waits
the floating hell

remember known tales
last days startin’

eyes of god
closed for lunch

re-opening will happen someday
place known – date not

but it’s still this day
stormy sunday

exit in few days
next year knockin’ on the door
… 1999

Living in Danger

long road to nowhere
splitting + splicing
known societies

welcome to the last days
leaving this place …
forwards never
backwards ever¿

let me explain the rules:
no rules at all

checking the strength
of each other
puttin’ some words
on other people heads

smashing paperball
to dissin’ my friends

oohps! sorry! was my fault
took the grenade
thinking was a paperball

if you think you’re strong
check me out
I’m stronger and badder than
everyone else

hit you with a baseball bat
cut you with a knife
+ shoot you with a gun

livin’ in danger
to be cutted with a single word

dissin’ & pissin’
xtreme word contests
champions made out of what?

gonna get you soon
I will put my hands into your throat
and pull out your heart

eye for an eye
tooth for a tooth

being mute
can’t save lives
especially not your own

living-room war
and your power comes
and goes

just the best hit kills your friend
or is it your enemy now¿

living in danger
be prepared
and better buy a gun …