Act of Writing

what is this all about?
writing green on screen
waiting for tomorrow ends …

yesterday will come
today is gone
bytes flushing by

into neverneverland
my head will spin away
while my fingers dipping keys

who will rule my world?
head or heart?
soul or mind?

ink on glass – go away
fluid paper – leave my dreams
moving words – off off you go

welcome back : act of writing

Maximal 89 Characters

watched the sunset
while listen to indian music
backed by the sound of the sea

beauty and grief
big and small

Days of Sorrow

day in day out
tears crossing faces
words of sorrow
words of anger
words of love
all been spoken

and you’ll see : you weren’t alone at all

people miss you
telling good stories
telling bad stories


Heart’s Writing

dialing numbers late at night
waiting restless for «pick up the phone»

my love, would you please
kiss our baby goodnight?

missing more than one
is harder than multiplied by numbers

missing : beeing witness of your first steps
or even first words : hard like hell!

when i see you both again i will be lucky
: heaven can wait!

no sweet words can be so sweet like
: my love and my baby

Return to Here

called it my country
in a letter of love
: years ago

return for grief
ain’t my land anymore
magic is gone

land of my father
land of my fathers father

birthland of one
new home for one other
after years of displacement

peace for both

completeing the wheel of life
baby – child – man – old man

and babychild : after loosing the past : again
w/ no past

fathers father wife : the perfect mate :
wife, friend, partner

until the end : strong and lovely helping hand
+more : the mind, the eyes, the ears, the mouth

and it’s summer in winter
24°C in the shade : warm wind and nite’s mild

when i walked through the city
heard the babylonic voices
saw the nations and nations
religious and atheists
smelled the scent of million kitchens
different : differences

but : magic : gone
away w/ the wind : poof!
flight back home to come