On The Road

starting @ the railwaystation
taking bus #480
straight to jerusalem

looking out the window [window seat!]
feeling the heat
but aircondition recommanded

no stop and go
just drive and drive
maybe 70 mph

route <4> over ber sheva
construction site on the left
buildings on the right

crossing under a bridge
> thinking song by red hot chilli peppers
… gone

looking out the window
green valley on both sides
imagine! GREEN – sorrounded by desert countries

the traffic outside
crazy like on a bumber car floor
honks + honks

highway looks like
interstate <45> in the states
big – 4 lanes

but street quality
could be better
hole by hole

now trees on the left side
little hills
cornfield on the right

3 americanos in the back
reading Jerusalem Post

some russians
and the others:

+ military
boys and girls

with and without
guns and ammunition
nothing spectacular

you’ll feel saver
and it’s a pretty
standard picture

now driving
down a valley
into the east

crossing Ashquelon
flowers on the right
pines on the left

started 23 minutes ago
to jerusalem
still 28 km

more and more hills
deserted buildings
stone and stones

bus getting slower
to get the hill
20 km to jerusalem

curving curves
more dry than on the coast outside
you can see it

damn – I love the aircondition
it looks like going to the top
of somewhere

military vehicles driving convoi
but they ain’t not
looking aggressive

wow! looking down
maybe 150 meters
Hemed interchange

and here we go again:
c’mon take your cellphone
it’s ringing

waiting for jerusalem
just wanna see the light buildings
the old old holy city

seeing newest settlements
there where they build up
their houses to have a bigger base

I think we arrive now
yeah – I’m right
there is the Tachanat Hamerkasit
+ now the road gonna end …