The Last Act

the passed hours I stayed at your side
played a babysitter
I listened to your words
+ my mind burnt off slow

it was my last act of unselfishness
when you said
you couldn’t leave without my help

it was my first act of selfishness
to get you off
when I brought you to the plane

I thought I’ll be free
when you’re gone
but my nerves are burning
+ my heart is not beating anymore

how friends turns to enemies no one knows
just know I love you for what I don’t know

now you’re gone
off this city to another around the world
no one knows we will see again

handcuffs made of emotions
you were under arrest
of my feelings

on the way to the airport
you played your last act
you spoke ’bout the past
+ you repented things you did
+ I repented my words in my mind
[you called them «emotional blackmail»]
provoking you to do things
which cutted my feelings

nothing left behind
just some broken hearts

no words of happiness
just bad jokes
born of no sleep
I have seen tears in your eyes
when I was just tired of beeing there

I need sleep to recover my power
need this power to stay alive
+ to wait for a return
of a person you don’t know
when you said she’s your friend

now you’re gone
+ the rest of the day I was a nervous wreck
+ I’m still one

the sound of the ringing phone
the sound of the belling door
makes me mad
+ I don’t know why
+ I’m thinking : feelings I don’t like
get off my mind or I wanna die

… and the last act will be to turn off the light