Fishing For A Heart

Fishing in dark waters
searching for a heart
hope it’s yours
trusting mine
when you appeared

Saw a different world
around me
after you’ve called

I don’t know why
I just know it’s like …
catched something
I’ve lost
or just missed

Happy sad to know
I’m in love again

Think again and again
of you and your voice
pretty nice and mysterious

It’s cold outside
hope to be warmed
by you someday

Think again and again
of you and your heart
maybe loving someone else
and hope it’s not a fact
just a small flame and tomorrow a cold fire

Maybe you’ll be
fearing to love

If time comes
it will be a lucky day
getting a heart
that loves you like nothing else
to good to be true

But …
Like: «Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear»
maybe that day is tomorrow
right there – not in the far future

Tomorrow … ?!