Far Away

walkin’ a walk
on the sea
fog is comin’ up

close to nowhere
tears runnin’ down
salty like the …

radio station SAD FM
playin’ songs
depressive memory are passin’ by

so close like yesterday
and I’m sendin’ a S.O.S.
you’re far away today

my mind is in trouble
for gods sake
you’re far away

heavinly voices
singin’ songs
straight outta hell

something you told me
don’t give a fuck
some days ago

upside down
I can’t imagin’
thought it was gone

I need a huge
don’t turn your back to me
you’re far away

tears enough to missin’ air
to breath
to live

gimme some sign
gimme some strenght
I can’t reach any straw

next to me
you’re standin’
still far away

sad like me
just the stones
in the deepest sea

what you want¿
today I’m the one
who needs a friend

I thought
I could count on you
but you’re far away

I don’t know where you’re
I can’t look
my eyes are blinded by my tears

my legs are tired
of walkin’
my head hurts by bad memories

keep goin’ on
make my day
far away you’re

between the sea
and the sky
I’m lonely like a single bird

meltin’ sand
burnin’ down the ground
distance grows

loosin’ my religion
can’t believe
you’re far away