Dream Off

You will awake
on a sunny sunday morning

you had a big dream
last night

of endless fluffy clouds
you laid on

of big red roses
without thornes

you ate
tasty love

you drunk
sweet liquid luck

you swam
through the sky
like fishes in aqua

it was just
the paradise

you never knew
what happend

but never
it turned bad
never …

straight dream
straight joy
straight fun

now welcome
to reality

to this big city
you maybe frighten of

but don’t mind …
thinking in great dimensions
doesn’t makes you tougher

let it come
like it wanna be …

there will be
a big comeback
of this dream
you had last night

it will be
this morning

on this sunny
sunday morning

it comes true
in this moment

don’t misunderstood
my words

I’m talking no blabla
I’m serious

this wonderful time
takes place
now right here

not tomorrow