Days like These

i look at your picture
see your eyes

a look to the left
see the letters
jumping up and down

telling no one
stories for nobody
about somebody

need some water
to stop my burning heart

memories fight
lonesome battles

need your voice
to survive

recognize tears
during a laugh

nights come and goes
but days like these
burning hearts

they have magic
voodoo feeling

unhappiness walking
down the table

named confidental

a bitter pain

fever was never

cut up my tongue
and i will telling you

hard time
bad time
wrong time

but real like death

nearly gone
and no one will miss it
but maybe you and me

i am not talking straight
shame on me

writing words
to have a distance

read my eyes
read this
it is the truth
no bad joke

dinner at 10
but no breakfast
just tears
next morning

call at midnight
but no chance
just tears
next nights

had dreams
no nightmares
if you woke up
cold as ice
I screamed