Coming From Tomorrow

I had never seen you before
before means
in past times — NOT dreams

coming from a unknown city
spending some days with me

I felt lost
in space
+ time

there was no difference
between nite + day

I do not know
you are leaving soon¿

when you are gone, you are gone
not present — not here

nowhere in reality
but in dreams

I never know
these dreams are mine¿

never know
maybe these dreams are yours

not an angel knows
even a devil

”come back“
is painted on my walls

getting ze exit
from dream to reality

through ze grey shaded Zone
called ”you never know what happens“

hear no evil
see no evil

think the best

I do not know why
but my past-knowing heart

pain come + go
love rest never ever

I do not know why
bad dreams hunting love

you are who¿
who can fix¿

hear your voice
like funny noise

makes my pulse
run far away
nobody can catch

see your eyes
like flowers

makes my breath
quick and busy
nobody can stop

feel your presence
like a ghost

makes my head
hot and burning
nobody can put it out

”it’s up to you“
you mean this not there
I never know what where

This is not ze question nor ze answer



”Where do you wanna GO today¿“

my fingers will never stop
writing these things

dancing clicks in ze air
my keyboard could break

now I’ll make a break
not a quit…