Bring The Pain

you build up a house of thoughts
of rules for your own way
it’s straight
it’s pure logic

but you have forgotten
something important: the door

it’s like a wall
without a gate: no tresspass

you made up
your own rules of life: no love

your will is to keep the pain away
your the queen in your kingdom
no one wanna steal the crown

if one he couldn’t: no gate
no love equals no hate
no trouble
no problems

but still misunderstoodings
and no happiness at all

there is no place
in your kingdom for no one

so no one could bring the pain
bring the pain back in your life
the pain you know too good

you still live your life like a line
no ups and downs

you thought
to know the bad side
is to know the good side

I ain’t agree

nothing is the same again and again

love changes
no face is the same

to keep the pain away
is to bring the pain

the pain inside yourself
no one can take her away
just you

once I wrote love
now I write sadness

sad about things they never will be happen
about moments they will be lost in dreams

I still believe in love
and I ain’t bring the pain