Big Bold Thoughts

there’s something
different in my mind

something unknown
something special
between chaos + order

big bold thoughts
running wild
making noise
like a sledgehammer
crushing stones

big bold thoughts
let me stop to live on
my classic way

it makes no sense
this blue jazz
in my head

I ain’t knowing
you so well
it sounds strange
to me

this feeling
so lonely
what I have to do
just for me¿

can’t stop these
big bold thoughts
they turning
my way around

one hand
on the phone
the other one
on my head

stop and go
in my head

in a dead end
dreaming of
to turn back
the time
to the moment
where I didn’t
knew you

before I met you
before I had these
big bold thoughts
like an anvil
dropped on my head

why this situation
isn’t easy
can’t explain
and the
big bold thoughts
just got no deadline

can’t coming
to an end

big bold thoughts
+ no defense

they attack
without mercy